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About Us

Here at Compass Safety Ltd we are committed to giving expert Health & Safety advice and guidance, and to ensuring we provide all our Clients with a a dedicated and bespoke service to ensure their businesses remain compliant."          

When it comes to our Clients we are 100% business focused and very commercially aware and we aim to help you reduce bureaucracy while ensuring compliance. We are not stuffy traditionalists, we don’t walk around the workplace tapping a clipboard, finding faults and then issuing endless reports; we have a much modern and useful approach, in that we always look to find solutions there and then and to work with you and your employees while implementing them.

Based in Hull, East Yorkshire our highly-trained consultants have experience in a wide range of sectors including; Construction, Retail, Education, Highways and Manufacturing, and we use that experience to provide the services you require. 

If you run, own or manage a business there are certain things you must do to remain compliant with the relevant Health and Safety requirements.

Ensuring Health and Safety compliance does not have to be complicated; you’re experts in your services and your trade, and we're experts in ours.  Here at Compass Safety Ltd we can take the worry out of the process and help you achieve that compliance, whether you employ 1 person or 500.