Business growth takes time and effort (and continued investment)

Sorry for the large gap in between postings on here, as a new business we are still trying to grow, as East Yorkshire's newest & most modern Health & Safety Consultancy, we here at Compass Safety Ltd are all too aware of the challenges faced by new companies.

To get anywhere these days you need brand awareness, to get brand awareness you need a razzle-dazzle website, for anyone to see your razzle-dazzle website you need to be page one of Google, to be on page one of Google you need to be a web master with a Masters Degree in SEO! 

To get seen by those potential clients that are looking you need to stand out from every other Tom, Dick and Harry, you need to be recognisable and distinct; you need a logo and a company name that potential clients will remember.  And once you have this logo and this name you need to get it out there, you need people to see it to be able to remember it.   

That's why at Compass we are committed to branding and marketing, we are committed to being recognisable and we are committed to being remembered. As the old saying goes, you must speculate to accumulate, that's why we regularly invest in branded items to get our name out there and seen by our future clients.   

Take a look at some of our more recent branded purchases. 




Health & Safety Management, the basics

Health and Safety Management is based around the concept of Plan, Do, Check, Act (repeat). here is some guidance to help your business comply.


How do you demonstrate the board’s commitment to health and safety? – Write a Health and Safety Policy.


What have you done to ensure your organisation, at all levels including the board, receives competent health and safety advice? – Decide who will help you with your duties.

How are you ensuring all employees (including Directors & Managers) are sufficiently trained and competent in their health and safety responsibilities? – Look at employees / managers / directors competence, skills, experience, knowledge, training, etc. Identify skills/knowledge gaps and look at ways of filling them.

How confident are you that your employees, particularly safety representatives (if appointed), are consulted properly on health and safety matters, and that any concerns they may have are reaching the appropriate level, and are being considered, listed to, addressed?

What systems are in place to ensure your organisation’s risks are assessed, and that sensible control measures are established and maintained? – Undertake workplace and task inspections & risk assessments; put into place safe systems of works & method statements for any identified hazardous tasks.


How well do you know what is happening on ground level? What inspections, audits or assessments are undertaken to inform you about what your organisation, your employees and any external contractors actually do?

What information do the directors receive regularly about health and safety, e.g. performance data, accident/injury reports, reports on other work-related ill health issues?

Do you compare your performance with others in your sector or beyond?

Where changes in working techniques, technology or personnel have implications for health and safety, how are these brought to the attention of the other employees and the directors?


What do you do to ensure director level review of your company’s health and safety system and performance and to allow improvements to be made?

Company Philosophy

My approach to Health and Safety, one that i have always worked to and was keen to follow while setting up Compass safety, and which has now become our company philosophy is...

"Good Health and Safety management is not about picking fault and pointing fingers, it's about working together to find practical solutions to improve your Company's safety performance." 

Here at Compass Safety Ltd we are committed to giving expert Health & Safety advice and guidance, and to ensuring we provide all our Clients with a a dedicated and bespoke service to ensure their businesses remain compliant."        

When it comes to our Clients we are 100% business focused and very commercially aware and we aim to help you reduce bureaucracy while ensuring compliance.

We are not stuffy traditionalists, we don’t walk around the workplace tapping a clipboard, finding faults and then issuing endless reports; we have a much modern and useful approach, in that we always look to find solutions there and then and to work with you and your employees while implementing them.

Growing metaphor

So, we went to a networking event earlier this week and were given a sunflower seed to grow.

Strange I thought as first, but after some consideration it became obvious this was a metaphor for the networking group, the associated businesses and how they/we can all grow together.

As a start up company this metaphor is very poignant to us at Compass, so we plan to feed and water it daily and make sure it's got everything it needs to prosper (just as we do with Compass) to ensure its growth.

Fingers crossed anyway! Photos of the growth will published and double fingers crossed Compass safety Ltd can match its growth.