Health & Safety Management, the basics

Health and Safety Management is based around the concept of Plan, Do, Check, Act (repeat). here is some guidance to help your business comply.


How do you demonstrate the board’s commitment to health and safety? – Write a Health and Safety Policy.


What have you done to ensure your organisation, at all levels including the board, receives competent health and safety advice? – Decide who will help you with your duties.

How are you ensuring all employees (including Directors & Managers) are sufficiently trained and competent in their health and safety responsibilities? – Look at employees / managers / directors competence, skills, experience, knowledge, training, etc. Identify skills/knowledge gaps and look at ways of filling them.

How confident are you that your employees, particularly safety representatives (if appointed), are consulted properly on health and safety matters, and that any concerns they may have are reaching the appropriate level, and are being considered, listed to, addressed?

What systems are in place to ensure your organisation’s risks are assessed, and that sensible control measures are established and maintained? – Undertake workplace and task inspections & risk assessments; put into place safe systems of works & method statements for any identified hazardous tasks.


How well do you know what is happening on ground level? What inspections, audits or assessments are undertaken to inform you about what your organisation, your employees and any external contractors actually do?

What information do the directors receive regularly about health and safety, e.g. performance data, accident/injury reports, reports on other work-related ill health issues?

Do you compare your performance with others in your sector or beyond?

Where changes in working techniques, technology or personnel have implications for health and safety, how are these brought to the attention of the other employees and the directors?


What do you do to ensure director level review of your company’s health and safety system and performance and to allow improvements to be made?