Business growth takes time and effort (and continued investment)

Sorry for the large gap in between postings on here, as a new business we are still trying to grow, as East Yorkshire's newest & most modern Health & Safety Consultancy, we here at Compass Safety Ltd are all too aware of the challenges faced by new companies.

To get anywhere these days you need brand awareness, to get brand awareness you need a razzle-dazzle website, for anyone to see your razzle-dazzle website you need to be page one of Google, to be on page one of Google you need to be a web master with a Masters Degree in SEO! 

To get seen by those potential clients that are looking you need to stand out from every other Tom, Dick and Harry, you need to be recognisable and distinct; you need a logo and a company name that potential clients will remember.  And once you have this logo and this name you need to get it out there, you need people to see it to be able to remember it.   

That's why at Compass we are committed to branding and marketing, we are committed to being recognisable and we are committed to being remembered. As the old saying goes, you must speculate to accumulate, that's why we regularly invest in branded items to get our name out there and seen by our future clients.   

Take a look at some of our more recent branded purchases.