The Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 2002, is the legal requirement that employers control substances that are hazardous to health and exposure to them.

Most businesses use or through the furtherance of their works, produce substances or products that could cause harm to employees, visitors and others affected by the works. 

Sometimes substances are easily recognised as harmful, such as chemicals, fuel & bleach. However other substances used within the workplace may be equally or even more harmful but are not as readily known, such as lubricants, toners, dusts and even organic materials such as certain flowers, fruits and vegetables.

You, as the employer, are responsible for taking effective measures to control exposure to hazardous substances and to protect your employees health. To ensure you have identified such substances and that you have measures in place to prevent or reduce exposure to them a COSHH Assessment is required. 

Compass Safety can undertake these assessments for you, or we can simply help you identify such substances and provide you with the skills and knowledge to undertake your own assessments and implement your own exposure reducing methods.