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Simply put, if you own or operate a business you must have a Health &Safety Policy, if that business employs 5 or more people that Health & Safety policy must be written down.

A good policy should be one of the most important documents within your business as it forms the foundations of your safety management system, and sets out the businesses Health and Safety objectives, responsibilities and arrangements and enforces the company's commitment to good health and safety delivery (the content of the policy and the level of detail contained within should be proportionate to your business and its associated risks.).

Ensuring your policy meets with the requirements of your business is one of the fundamental responsibilities of your Directors and should not be simply glossed over or side-stepped.. Compass Safety can provide everything needed to ensure your policy is suitable and sufficient, whether you require a policy creating from scratch or need assistance in your duty to monitor and review the effectiveness of your existing policy.

In addition to your Health & Safety Policy we can advise you and prepare for you other policies as required depending on the takss undertaken by your organisation and any specific highlighted risks, including (but not limited to) policies covering Smoke Free Workplace, Driving Safely, Internet Use and Lone Working. 

If you're unsure what you need, where to start or what to say, why not give us a call and we will happily talk through your requirements and advise you accordingly.