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PQQ's, Accreditations & Contractors Assessments

Most Clients require potential suppliers to have been approved before allowing them to undertake or to tender for work. To do this many clients use Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQ's), these allow the assessment team to sift through the possible suppliers, to ditch those that are not up to a required level and to only approve those that meet with their set criteria.

These PQQ's invariably have sections based on experience, costs, quality of work and health & safety. Compass Safety can help you complete the health & Safety section to ensure you get the works you and your company are looking for.

Many of these PQQ's negate the requirement for an arduous form filling exercise by insisting on a formal Health & Safety Accreditation, these include CHAS, SafeContractor, ConstructionLine, etc, and Compass Safety can help you attain this level of recognized accreditation, often considered out of reach of smaller companies. 

Similar to the way you and your company are assessed before being approved for works, you have a duty to undertake checks on your sub-contractors competence, these also fall under the requirements of the Accreditation schemes noted above. Again we at Compass Safety can undertake those checks for you, leaving you to carry on with improving and growing your business. .