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Risk Assessments & Method Statements (RAMS)

Under the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999, there is a vital duty placed on each and every employer to assess the Health & Safety risks of their employees while at work.

This means the undertaking of Risk Assessments to ensure you and your company are fully compliant with this legal duty. A risk assessment is defined by the Health & Safety Executive as, "an examination of what could cause harm to people in the workplace".

Hazard - a hazard is something that can cause somebody harm. 

Risk - a risk is the chance that that hazard will actually cause harm. 

The careful undertaking of a risk assessment helps you, as an employer to identify the significant risks associated with your work tasks and to implement adequate control measures to reduce that risk.

As well as Risk Assessments being required for works there are additional requirements for specific Risk Assessments to be undertaken on high risk tasks and certain specifies areas relating to Musculoskeletal Disorders (MDS) including manual handling, .upper limb disorders, repetitive stress injury and the use of Display Screen Equipment (DSE).  

A method statement, while not a legal requirement, is the logical progression from a Risk Assessment. The Method Statement will describe a logical sequence exactly of how a job should be carried out safely. It would include the risks previously identified in the Risk Assessment and the control measures required to educe the residua risk.

When done properly, RAMS allow the each task to be properly planned and resourced, and carried out without any detriment to the health & safety of employees or any other person affected by the works.

Compass safety can assess yours and your employees individual needs and undertake Risk Assessments designed around the risks associated with the day to day operations of your company.